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Reg seeker

With the increase of software and their developers in the market, there is a need for optimization and cleaning of the unwanted files and settings that they leave behind after getting installed. Every programmer works with their own style and there is no assurance of any kind that when a software is installed, it will be uninstalled with all the settings that were created or modified. If you want to restore your computer like what it was before, that could be difficult and full of technical fuss for you. Even for a good programmer, doing all this manually would be difficult to perform.

Therefore there are a number of softwares in the market that you can install to clean your computer for corrupted or unwanted registry entries. Some of them would charge you some amount when you are trying to use them. Other than this there are some other technical faults that you can face with other programs.

A tested and a pure freeware is there for your help named as reg seeker. It has a clean and user friendly interface and you will have no hassles at all. It not just seeks for a software and their entries in the registry, but it can also perform automated registry seeking for corrupt entries. It will not only help you with this, but it can also tell you about your startup programs. You can easily delete or add a program that you want to run on the system startup. A number of viruses can be killed with the help of start up checking system of reg cleaner.

In an organized manner, you can see the history, favorites and other such stuff in your computer. You can also perform some tweaks with the help of tweaking mechanism of reg cleaner in your computer to enhance your system performance.

Backups are always important for any computer. You can make regular backups with this software easily on your computer. When reg seeker is cleaning up your computer or it is tweaking your computer, ultimately you will be able to optimize your computer system. With removal of unwanted programs at the startup, you can stop a number of viruses and spywares there. Other than that some programs are not wanted to be started on the startup. So you can stop them for fast system start when you turn your computer on. All these facilities makes your computer perfect when you have reg seeker.

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